I Have an Anchor

An Anchor When I’m Trembling

When the earth and all its people quake, it is I who hold its pillars firm.  Psalm 75:3 NIV

Google News is my home page.  When I set it, that was a great idea.  I was in Africa, after all, far from all other sources of news, and I enjoyed scanning the headlines when I logged on before I checked my e-mail.

But now, when I get online, makes me ill.  The news has moved from interesting to gruesome. Tragedy screams at me from local and international levels.  Beheadings.  Ebola. Babies are left in hot cars to die, while across the globe, radicals are kidnapping and torturing innocents. Russia. Iraq.  Earthquakes and floods and tornados.  I can’t get off the Google News page fast enough.  It makes me quake.  It makes me realize the entire world is quaking.

This world is all I know.  If it crumbles, then what?


God is the anchor even when his creation wavers, even when our sin has so entangled us that our nations are choking and dying and strangling each other – God holds firm.

This verse is drawn from a Psalm that assures us God will judge the wicked.  All those injustices blazoned across my computer screen have not escaped God’s notice.  He will – one day – set all to right.

And if wars come and wipe out my nation, if civilization as I know it turns into something I’d really rather not know – God will still be there, holding firm.

One day, Jesus will return.  One day, He’ll establish a new heaven and a new earth.   He is my anchor, not my government or my hometown or my planet. God is the one who holds the pillars firm.

I am truly on solid ground.